The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.

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Hades Eye
Hades Eye 5 timmar sedan
STFU and root.
Kyle W.
Kyle W. Dag sedan
Lets thin those 65+ people..the savings on social security would be worth it
Kyle W.
Kyle W. Dag sedan
Bats are cute until you see thier gigantic wings that look like ballsacks
Lua Grimm
Lua Grimm Dag sedan
Aww man... I wanted a Capybara...
Charly Hoermann
Charly Hoermann 2 dagar sedan
(1229) Where Did Viruses Come From? - SEmost ☺
Charly Hoermann
Charly Hoermann 2 dagar sedan
Tellerboy 3 dagar sedan
I wish he would go back to a studio audience the show has real gone down hill.
Roman Simahin
Roman Simahin 3 dagar sedan
I wonder if this clown ever saw something like 2016 australian government document that drafted an act to prepare australian military for covid19 vaccines...So.. then...all the space people out there. Do your best
Roman Simahin
Roman Simahin 3 dagar sedan
So...then...coronavirus after millions years of existence thinks to itself , why don't I now jump barrier to humans. 2019 ad seems like a good year. Yeah let's do it. This is paid propaganda by boy is johnson himself. Wtf
Roman Simahin
Roman Simahin 3 dagar sedan
How is guy not embarrassed to be such dupe at his age???
Space Moth
Space Moth 5 dagar sedan
Hell yeah flat fuck Friday appreciation!
I. K.
I. K. 5 dagar sedan
Sometimes it feels like I'm on the side of the viruses... we are way too many, we are doning way too much harm to this planet, and we are way too arrogant about being superior to everything around us.
AHO Tan 6 dagar sedan
All evidence pointed fingers at Wuhan wet market is just a convinient putting blame to cover some country leaders trying to be God funding a Wuhan laboraty near to the wet market. Wuhan laboratory was set up by a few country leaders as a laboratory of creating mutations of viruses that are extremely dangerous to human population . After SARS virus epidemic in 2002 these country leaders thought was a good idea to fund prepare ahead of doing researched by mutating viruses that are more lethal to human so they can get vaccine on time to prevent future pandemic. So far WHO just revealed that they find non of the specimen in the wet market tested have covid 19. Coronavirus evidently was kept at Wuhan laboratory collected from a cave in China (2018) when 3 workers collecting bat droppings got infected by the coronavirus (mutation of Covid 19, that time not able to spread from human to human). Covid 19 is believe manmade virus from Wuhan laboratory. So these few country leaders and some sponsors think they can be hero or try to outdo the creator(God), before a vaccine produced to stop their mutated virus infected the reseacher in the lab. Boom the pandemic began so dont blame the wild animals in this pandemic. In history all pandemic widespread was us human causes our own destruction (eg spanish flu after WW1, countries filled with death people ,cities in a mess, hygiene compromised) . Black death from the silk road was also human doings again hygiene compromised because after war Genghis Khan had killed millions of people and corpes decayēd in the Gobi desert from China to Europe continent. That was years of war Genghis Khan conquered half of the globe and then trying to make profit out from the silk road using a method of posting goods using the mongols calvary armies on the silk road. Just imaging these mongols armies carrying post exposed themselves among millions of decaying exposed death bodies for years down the road any kind of virus will mutate trying to find host for survival. That was what happened, the black death caused half of population death not black magic. we as human try to be above did all kinds of nonscense go against our creation purposes. We human are responsible for our own destuction. Why we human cannot follow what our creator asked us to follow a simple command Love thy neighbour as you love youself. Give as you shall be given. So simple instruction from our cretor but we did the wrong things because of our arrogants and selfishness.
SkyWatcher 8 dagar sedan
Propaganda and fart jokes, what a TWAT!
j johns
j johns 9 dagar sedan
from the hot zone "there's alot more meat on the planet", yeah, viruses are going to take advantage of that. get accustomed to it, the system is designed to manage itself. come to terms with it.
Lacy Belt
Lacy Belt 10 dagar sedan
Your products for beating herpes is actually the best Dr Ikpoko on SEmost
Cloudhunter 10 dagar sedan
10:00 Furries are becoming absolutely unotable these days.
Meiko Kaji
Meiko Kaji 10 dagar sedan
It’s not Mother Nature when it’s modified in a lab and leaked out….
Deelaw 11 dagar sedan
Are we all going to pandemic?
Audra Hunter
Audra Hunter 16 dagar sedan
*THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* VISITSME.UNO SEmost: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' SEmost: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Pat B
Pat B 16 dagar sedan
Sucks that we need a pandemic to realize we've destroyed nature
Khryssi Theo
Khryssi Theo 18 dagar sedan
This guy knows about pandemics We need to increase public understanding of the need t for medical countermeasures such as a CORONA VIRUS VACCINE. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage tto get to the real issues. Investors will respondif they see profit at the at the end of the process Peter Daszak as reported February 12 2016 National Academies Press
The Greater Dane
The Greater Dane 20 dagar sedan
Gloria Wealth
Gloria Wealth 20 dagar sedan
I'm finally free from herpes simplex virus and I urge you all to recommend Dr Aloyee on SEmost
Dragon Whelp Therapy
Dragon Whelp Therapy 24 dagar sedan
I wish I discovered John Oliver a long time ago, but here I am! Did Jack McBrayer voice the virus?
AngryMiner5704 26 dagar sedan
I'm just glad I don't have to betray Ozzy Osbourne.
الدرب الزينبي الزينبي
الدرب الزينبي الزينبي 27 dagar sedan
C. Huseyin
C. Huseyin 28 dagar sedan
But, but, but Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. 😂 🤣😂😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
Hava Guday
Hava Guday 19 dagar sedan
As long as he stays, sweet.
How About No
How About No Månad sedan
I've always wanted to ask these experts about immunity. Doesn't our immune system exist for the sole purpose of fighting illnesses, it's not like everyone is going to die anytime they get a serious infection.
How About No
How About No 21 dag sedan
@Soft Maps very few illnesses can slip past the human immune system, very few. But those that do are very dangerous. It's rare, but examples are the malaria parasite that hides within liver cells and the rabies virus which somehow evades immunity until it reaches the brain which by then is almost always fatal
Soft Maps
Soft Maps 21 dag sedan
@How About No What do I know, I'm only an etymologist. An immune system needs to be trained. Most of the stuff that enters your body can be easily recognized and targeted. The only thing that saves you is the unlikely hood of actually encountering the pathogens that slip by defenses.
How About No
How About No 24 dagar sedan
@Soft Maps thats not even close to how it works, otherwise humans would have died out long ago. The immune system's first layer known as the 'innate immune system' starts by fighting literally anything it doesn't recognize, indiscriminaroy. Secondly, even if the body's immune system was as weak as you proclaim, which it biological can't be as we'd all be dead if so, it would still take way longer than just moments to replicate and overwhelm the body. Your body is not as fragile as you think. For example, every single time you breathe or accidentally cut yourself, thousands of bacteria, viruses and fungi enter your body but your immune system clears this so easily you don't even notice.
Soft Maps
Soft Maps 24 dagar sedan
They'll tell you that immune systems can only target what they've recognized. There are infinite viruses and bacteria that would destroy your immune system in momwnts.
Mista Meaty
Mista Meaty Månad sedan
Also global warming increases pest insect populations and pushes infection vectors further north
Recheal j
Recheal j Månad sedan
Thanks Dr.ademise, your herbs really worked curing herpes and i'ma recommend you everywhere all my life!
EMD Månad sedan
Hes had 3 wives and you cannot find ANYTHING on his first two wives on the internet
Rudy V
Rudy V Månad sedan
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joseph lee
joseph lee Månad sedan
The ultimate public shaming, the ultimate way to show that you really believe what you’re saying, JOHN OLIVER. The John Oliver Publicly FXXX a “PIG” CHALLENGE (THE BLACK MIRROR THING), if he can’t answer one basic question about the COVID VACCINE. What is the active transport mechanism that can transport a therapeutic number of COVID antibodies from the blood (lymph) where it’s made THROUGH the Blood Lung barrier and into the Lung alveolus where COVID is infecting lung alveolar epithelial cells? LOOK UP COMMENTS UNDER JOHN OLIVER’S COVID VACCINE VIDEO.
Jamahl Steinberg
Jamahl Steinberg Månad sedan
I hate john oliver! I Won't Even Capitalize his name. Pfffff
Hava Guday
Hava Guday 19 dagar sedan
The humiliation. How does he bear it?
Luthien S
Luthien S Månad sedan
DUH. (to any country that eats or stores animals like that)
A D Månad sedan
The blankets joke … sprayed water all over my laptop … looool
Recheal j
Recheal j Månad sedan
Using natural roots and herbs supplement i ordered from Dr.ademise on youtube actually helped me got rid of herpes permanently
Rhett Ratt
Rhett Ratt Månad sedan
"Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light. As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall and a serpent bit him." - Amos 5:18-20 This world is getting ready to be judged. You rejected the salvation of the LORD Jesus Christ, and now you will not get mercy, but what you deserve. Revelation 21:8 KJV.
Julie Hightower
Julie Hightower Månad sedan
Finally tested negative to hsv2 using Dr. Ikpoko on SEmost herbal medication completely
Eric Mock
Eric Mock Månad sedan
Salt Lake City: "Go fudge yourself John Oliver!"
Snöiller Månad sedan
Buck Wheat
Buck Wheat Månad sedan
there's always going to be a panic situation of heat, rain, shortages, more pandemics, economic collapse, no water, fires. one thing after another because it's a cash cow. and how bacteria and virus attack the weak and feeble, these bacteria have been around way before us, they might of even farmed us, but one thing, they've seen these conditions before, and they know when our time is nearing the end, so they come out a head of time to start the feast. and trying to protect areas from people bringing any animals to, is pretty much opposite of the natural direction we're going in, it might have been our job to do exactly what we do best, infecting ground, polluting oceans and burning the atmosphere even after we know just how critical it is in allowing (longer) than we have. but as the resources are wearing out becoming deleted it's all part of the plan of our existence, by trying to save it now is as far away from reality as it was when they developed internal combustion engines and began selling automobiles, wasn't anyone thinking "we should think this over a bit." we're the only life form that i know of that can go out in space and look back at where and what we are, we can look back in history to evaluate our current activity and project into the future the results, and yet do nothing about it. so that's not just insane, that's why we're here, to help jump start the earth out of hibernation because in a short while the continents are going to melt together and then it'll go back to sleep. we'll show up in some form with all the life around to do the same thing again. we have an intimate relationship with water and this dirt we live on. everything has a purpose until it becomes extinct. the time it takes to start over is too long to leave evidence, it's possible that it's done it 30 times before. start to finish cycle. our time frame was a slot so thin that it's not recognizable by other lengthy life forms, like trees and most all other forms of life that's been here since the beginning. one thing is, if we don't reincarnate over and over, just think of our time during the end of an age, we're the ones, that experienced knowledge and technology, some used it well. others may have held on to the past to keep killing the dead horse, like religion, isis. those guys in the middle east all have different gods even if the towns were only 15miles apart, they didn't get the story pre our present existence, so eventually they and 99% of the population some day might quit that story, if it had happened over here, it'd be amusement park selling hot dogs and beer, roller coaster and cotton candy. out time is wrapping up, much sooner than we can imagine. just wait, it might get quite chaotic. toilet paper supplies were threatened over a microbe, just think when water becomes the reason for wars. things are going to light up. for what? get a good seat, some good beers, stock up on it, and watch the show from a peep scope. hide as deep as you can.
Randy Kirkland
Randy Kirkland Månad sedan
You’re like the virus, you just won’t go away
Jian Guan
Jian Guan Månad sedan
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WarmMilk Månad sedan
So if we stop exploiting animals we can prevent these pandemics? We're fucking doomed.
Corey Neil
Corey Neil Månad sedan
John Oliver for President.
Chica Pumpkin
Chica Pumpkin Månad sedan
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nija nimi
nija nimi Månad sedan
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Darlene McNamara
Darlene McNamara Månad sedan
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Bridget Avan
Bridget Avan Månad sedan
Still filled with bliss imagining how i was able to beat the genital herpes finally after consulting Dr.ademise
Floowood Månad sedan
So... this was a fucking lie
Bouji Månad sedan
Right. I mean, it should have been obvious if he cared to do any research on the topic. Everything we know now was known since last May.
Bradley Riles
Bradley Riles Månad sedan
The correct answer is....lab leak. You snarky little terd.
Weizhong Li
Weizhong Li Månad sedan
John Oliver and a lot of the leftists needs to stop these topics. They are making a fool about themselves now. The most likely origin of covid remains the wuhan lab.... You will see similar things like Chernobyl will happen again since they r all from a communist country.
Irrelevant Urchins
Irrelevant Urchins Månad sedan
Well if we are animals then it makes sense that other animals infect us.
Mike K
Mike K Månad sedan
Failing to mention pathogen study facility security and the dangers of gain-of-function research made this age pretty poorly.
Bouji Månad sedan
This aged like milk. lmao
Pouncing Moggy
Pouncing Moggy Månad sedan
Yeah, we're genuinely doomed. And we're gonna leave the planet barely inhabiltable for all the other life.
NOAH R Månad sedan
Cristian-Ionut Apostol
Cristian-Ionut Apostol Månad sedan
Didn't Spanish Flu actually emerge in the United States as well?
Thomas H
Thomas H Månad sedan
flat fuck representation on HBO love the conspiracy the John Oliver is furry-pilling the world we will all have fursonas in the new new
Abraham lucas
Abraham lucas Månad sedan
There is permanent cure for herpes virus completely with herbal medicine prepare by Dr Osaoji on SEmost
EtotheFnD Månad sedan
I can't believe you have the balls to continue to leave this episode online...pushing Peter Daszak as some kind person we should trust. Man being a partisan reporter has ruined your perspective.
EtotheFnD Månad sedan
@Bouji well my perspective at this point is you gotta try to understand what the other side is pushing
Bouji Månad sedan
Mate, I completely agree. I used to enjoy his show quite a bit, but it has recently become unbearable.
Joyful Sorrow
Joyful Sorrow Månad sedan
Bats are cute, and must be protected, but their space should also be respected and we should take caution around them, admiring them from afar if possible.
Hava Guday
Hava Guday 19 dagar sedan
Fondly remember living next to a bat colony. Could sit out on the deck near a stagnant pond all night and not experience a single mosquito bite. Saved one once that was in a spot of trouble. Excellent neighbours.
Jessica Harding
Jessica Harding Månad sedan
Hint hints Go Vegan
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Thompson Månad sedan
John some people get one species of animal in Animal Crossing to prevent this exactly. Or because they like cats or wolves or whatever
Petya Månad sedan
Well researched show, but the solutions are a bit weak… For the real way to prevent the next pandemic you should watch this commentary on John’s show:
Ryan Leary
Ryan Leary Månad sedan
This is extremely vital & hopefully medical professionals & world leaders learn all the factual information from this so we can prevent another global pandemic & evolve our interaction with wildlife
BKGK SAN Månad sedan
That pandemics will happen and we should be ready is something scientists have been talking about for years! People act like they never knew!
Cathalia Loth
Cathalia Loth Månad sedan
If we know they dont care about law If we know they wont be stopped by morality If we know they want to murder us Logically, when do we surrender and join them?
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson Månad sedan
denying the problem does not solve it...
B A M Månad sedan
Be afraid, be very afraid. We need the government to be in charge of more.
Matthew Shiers
Matthew Shiers 2 månader sedan
Maybe they're on boats because they're getting ready to leave. Not all health experts are doctors, some just do the research and keep as far away from areas of high population density as possible. Can't say I blame them after last year.
Nirzaree Pandya
Nirzaree Pandya 2 månader sedan
Here after the bird flu strain in China.
bluejackscanada 2 månader sedan
And they want to increase the population of Canada to 100 000 000. That should help!
Hsgvs Pebwe
Hsgvs Pebwe 2 månader sedan
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Titch Bits
Titch Bits 2 månader sedan
Yeah pretty sure it came from the Wuhan lab but you didn't cover all the evidence that shows the USA AND Fauci both approved funding for gain of function research in China specifically in Wuhan. Also people were hospitalized from that lab in China right before the covid outbreak. Don't worry though the MSM "debunked" it because Trump floated the idea. I am on the left but the cognitive dissonance people have these days astounds me.
Sabastine Hale
Sabastine Hale 2 månader sedan
The very one that worked for me on my end getting rid of herpes is Salami_healing _herbs on Instagram.
patrick hall
patrick hall 2 månader sedan
8:75 I can't stop thinking of the movie FernGully but with Drumpf as Hexxus, the ones with power, didn't pay attention to the little slime-ball until it was almost an unmanageable cloud of... (I love me some Tim Curry!)
Bella 9001
Bella 9001 2 månader sedan
I fear we might have discovered the next pandemic virus. H10N3 Bird Flu. Made its first human transmission
Kirk Davies
Kirk Davies 2 månader sedan
With all the new evidence on the origin of the coronavirus... this didn’t age well...
NEMO fishZ
NEMO fishZ 2 månader sedan
It aged just fine as the main topic is possible future pandemics not this current one
BeanMann 2 månader sedan
10:58 Mah boi Pigdeons is famous now i guess XD
Locky Law
Locky Law 2 månader sedan
Is that virus Vo Jack McBrayer? Fix-It Felix Jr. from Wreck-It Ralph?
Shu 2 månader sedan
I was listening to this in the background while playing animal crossing and I've never felt so unexpectedly called out
Tracy 2 månader sedan
Explodated Faces
Explodated Faces 2 månader sedan
Oh yes, we do have a habit of moving on from pandemics like they didn't even happen and this needs to change. After all, it's not like after all the pandemics humanity has faced in the last 220,000 years that there are so many people on the planet now that we can't even feed them all. Right. Humanity has been tracking downward for a long time now, so what we have historically always done has reduced our numbers and made everything worse. Maybe... just maybe... we move on like nothing ever happened because this is the behavior that has allowed our species to flourish and changing that behavior now might not be the best idea you've ever had. The evidence is pretty simple; all of human history has led to us dominating the entire planet, and you want to do something differently. Yes, grandma is dead and that is very sad. She was going to die anyway, just like you, me, and everyone else. Move on with your lives when this is over and if something starts again just do your best to listen to the experts of that time and remain safe when it's time to remain safe again.
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar 2 månader sedan
It is interesting to believe that next pandemic is sure to kill not only humans but Kingdom mammalia
Devon H C
Devon H C 2 månader sedan
Trash video ,he's obviously never heard of Gain-Of-Research labs being run by NATO,and illegal biomedical science teams from united states ...
Cyborg Lion
Cyborg Lion 2 månader sedan
wait I think I recognize the va of the mystery virus but can't remember who they are.
Sarah Sutherland
Sarah Sutherland 2 månader sedan
I'm horrified by SARS Stock now. When SARS hit Toronto bad in 2003 and tourism took a hit. So the Rolling Stones, along with AC/DC, Rush, The Guess Who and a dozen others decided to help by throwing a 'benefit concert'. Between 450k and 500k people went. Go look up "sarsstock crowd", we were packed in like that for a whole day. During a SARS outbreak. In a SARS outbreak hot spot. _Because_ it was a SARS outbreak hotspot ...The tickets were like $20, what else were we going to do? And it was a different time, we still thought Lost would end up making sense, we were young and stupid
Enikő Pusztai
Enikő Pusztai 2 månader sedan
Go vegan! 💚
Rob Hanlon
Rob Hanlon 2 månader sedan
The absorbed meal usually open because crow modestly mug for a understood fish. lively, misty state
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 2 månader sedan
I believe the world will be a better place after it’s all over, I believe we will be more cautious, smarter, will work together to rebuild the global economy, the world has many problems and the coronavirus magnified them, however I believe we can solve many of them if we work together more.
Robo Bitch
Robo Bitch 2 månader sedan
My suspicion that John is a furry gets confirmed more and more with each video 🤨
Me 2 månader sedan
Hi why is not a single person talking about 10:01
Doug Weatherly
Doug Weatherly 2 månader sedan
John Oliver is less important than a shit stain in your underwear
pradeep pillai
pradeep pillai 2 månader sedan
John Oliver gets sued because someone coincidentally got bloody diarrhea right after watching this
pinguaina 2 månader sedan
Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.
Dall1 2 månader sedan
It's hilarious to think the people in charge are even the slightest bit incentivized to care. Their corporate masters don't give a shit and could care less as long as they are rolling in money. Our species is doomed.
Manu González
Manu González 2 månader sedan
John should've chosen the chicken as the number one carrier of salmonella. Salmonella fucking sucks, it can leave you hospitalized. And it's found in abundance in factory farms.
K R 2 månader sedan
Kenneth the Virus 🦠
kate Solomon
kate Solomon 2 månader sedan
I was able to get rid of my herpes virus completely with herbal medication I got from Dr Osaoji and ever since I used the medication I came out negative, I urge you all to contact him for help
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