David K
David K 3 timmar sedan
How about we all get educated about what "socialism" actually means.
Kate 3 timmar sedan
The siren sounds like a Halloween ghost toy, which given the purpose and potential negative outcome of the ambulance, it is interesting
Sägewerk 3 timmar sedan
as a german, we learn about the holokaust in every subject that is not nature since, i can´t think how it would be if it would be as bad as americans learing about in slavery
Jack Sheeyiitee
Jack Sheeyiitee 3 timmar sedan
Just directing people to the Alberta ruling in our current outbreak. Interesting, no? Oh, you won't find it on here, it's on Ru mble though. Also interesting, no?
Adrian Emmanuel
Adrian Emmanuel 3 timmar sedan
15:55 those pepperballs look like tiny Pokeballs.
Kyle W.
Kyle W. 3 timmar sedan
Why do so many latinos love trump? Like a working class thing?
Pimp Poppy
Pimp Poppy 3 timmar sedan
15:01 I am not a nuclear scientist.
HustleGang 3 timmar sedan
The land is what is best. Not just a fast payout. The payout is fine but land is where its at
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramon Rodriguez 3 timmar sedan
I really don't have a problem with the Confederate flag, currently it represents rebellion. If the federal government does something ethically/morally/legally wrong, we should petition the government, and address grievances. It does have a negative connotation of slavery. The song of Bonnie Blue Flag, does state a verse 'Property We Earned Through Honest Toil". What property is that ? Slaves ? It's a good thing that the Confederate lost, we were 35 years away from the 20th century. If we still had slavery in the 20th century, we would have been an ugly country. What I do have a problem with, is when a German swastika flag is flying with an American Confederate flag. We claim to be a free country, we have to put our balls where our mouth is. The Confederate flag should still fly as a reminder to our politicians (both democrats and Republicans), we run the country not you. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "this country for the people, by the people". As far as Bedford Forrest is concerned, the Klu Klax Klan started as a social organization for former Confederate senior military officers, not a terrorist organization. Because of the heavy handedness of the federal government during the reconstruction era post civil war, the KKK was formed to protect the rights of former Confederates. Which President Lincoln wanted to approach with a light, and forgiving hand; his assassination stopped all that. It was a vicious cycle. As a retired Army Officer, I studied the American Civil War when I was an Officer Cadet.
patricia tutaki
patricia tutaki 3 timmar sedan
does a sock slider also tie your shoelaces? ... if not, why not? ... or do you just go out shoeless? ... surely its purpose is made null and void if you can't reach your feet in the first place
k17060 3 timmar sedan
I stopped short of becoming an EMT because of how terrible the pay/benefits are... In the peak of a pandemic. I hurt inside from knowing I could've helped people but I wasn't willing to risk the health of my household to pursue a job that wasn't going to provide enough for us. I wanted it so bad.
Alejandra Marina
Alejandra Marina 3 timmar sedan
John wtf was this
Draconarius King
Draconarius King 3 timmar sedan
13:40 a little too much soy facing here
Caribbean Crypto Tips
Caribbean Crypto Tips 3 timmar sedan
I think he went too far with the Mikey Mouse
Magical Pancake
Magical Pancake 3 timmar sedan
Wasn’t Bob Murray the guy who burned down the library of Alexandria?
Justin Gindhart
Justin Gindhart 3 timmar sedan
I've been an EMT for 15 years, 4 of that as an Army medic and I currently make around 34k a year (17/hr) It's a weekly struggle to make ends meet. I love my job but I'm leaving the field as soon as I'm done my college degree in Emergency Management (hopefully to work to FEMA). It's a shame. We cannot staff the trucks now because no one wants to do the job. The pay is terrible and it takes a toll on your body and mental health. We are literally struggling to fill shifts.
Lily Maley
Lily Maley 3 timmar sedan
Mrs. Rose Mason deserves her own reality show.
Effendy Abdullah
Effendy Abdullah 4 timmar sedan
In my country Ambulance ride is free for Emergency case, non-emergency is about USD200. Private ambulances only cost about US$30, for non-emergency cases. I think down here they "upgrade" the ambulance every few years. Firefighters here only fight fires, ambulances only for medical... U.S just looks nice on television and in the movies I guess...
NakiaDeon Presents
NakiaDeon Presents 4 timmar sedan
Man this episode is amazing!!! You really did your research. Thank you so much.
gta4everrr 4 timmar sedan
I don't understand how this can be an issue in the richest country on earth. We spend three-quarters of a TRILLION dollars on the military every year (more than the next ten nations COMBINED) and yet we "don't have enough money" to fund some sort of nationalized EMS service. When I was kid, I rightfully assumed EMS was free because, you know, why the fuck wouldn't it be? I finally realized it wasn't when I was charged almost $800 for an ambulance ride to a hospital I could have walked to in less than 5 minutes. America is so fucking backwards in so many ways.
kitethetwinblade 4 timmar sedan
You cannot justify racism as a way to mend racism. Full stop. Reparations were a bad idea in the 1960's and are a bad idea now. But wait, I forgot. I'm talking sense in the church of the woke, you're only interested in sowing discontent. I'll say it again: The answer to racism, is not further racism. You could've had more people on board if your answer was better FHA loans, tackling the use of residential property as an investment vehicle rather than a home [a large component of prices], you could have covered the skyrocketing prices and the component of corruption in the banking and real estate industries [glad handing appraisals and kickbacks between underwriters, brokers, and loan officers[, you could have advocated for government backed 1% loans for homes like in Japan for EVERYONE credit worthy, which all address the issue based on wealth not race.... you could have dove further to show exactly what the rationale was behind those covenants or the relining - was it them claiming people had bad credit? Was it really just assumption? I would have been willing to listen, but you don't explore nuance when it doesn't benefit your narrative.
Luka Magic
Luka Magic 4 timmar sedan
Anyone else press the right arrow key whenever you know John is about to make a cringey joke every 30 seconds?
Luka Magic
Luka Magic 4 timmar sedan
Like what the fuck are you doing at 9:05. almost thirty seconds I can't get back
GeoCritic 4 timmar sedan
This guy is Guiness World Record certified
JP 4 timmar sedan
So do they teach economics at Wharton?
Toni Joli
Toni Joli 4 timmar sedan
So it's just Christians ripping off other Christians? As an humanist and anti-theist, this totally works for me! Religion: the biggest, longest scam going!
No Lames
No Lames 4 timmar sedan
Our government is fucking worthless. EMS not considered essential, not funded while Biden collects millions from big pharma lobbyists. I feel sick
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson 4 timmar sedan
As an EMT myself, thank you for this piece. More people need to be made aware about this.
SpaceMouse 4 timmar sedan
It's funny that they removed that number because people would still be sending money to this day
William Erazo
William Erazo 4 timmar sedan
Disney about to sue
Jude Huzicko
Jude Huzicko 4 timmar sedan
Why does Tucker Carlson always look like he's captured in a walleye flare lens?
M R 4 timmar sedan
Expect a lawsuit from Mickey, John. That's slander.
Ogun Gou
Ogun Gou 4 timmar sedan
The American dream is strange.
Garpfruit 4 timmar sedan
That Brussels siren sounds like the ambulance is haunted.
Liz Sutherland
Liz Sutherland 4 timmar sedan
In a garden full of Karens, be a Rose. If I knew how to cross stitch I’d put that on a pillow encircling a little scene of all the neighbors drinking beer on the porch.
Mahmood P
Mahmood P 4 timmar sedan
“Every dark thought humanity has ever had, inhabiting the long-dead corpse of a Civil War-era plantation owner...” “I don’t doubt that there were a hundred people in a basement somewhere money-balling the ROI...” My two favorite jokes from this segment
Joseph Wald
Joseph Wald 4 timmar sedan
I can't believe people actually are listening to this and buying it. This is the most brainwashed bs I've heard in a long time. Asians are not out-performing everyone (including whites) because of a weird conspiracy by white people to make black people look bad. This is a good example of how critical race theory makes you say insane sh** once you are totally brainwashed. As a matter of fact, various Asian nations have been at the forefront of civilization throughout human history, and, basically, they are still kicking it today. The causes of this are: culture + genetics, not some weird white racist conspiracy in the past 50 years. Leave it to a white liberal to think that whites are responsible for everything that everyone is doing. Wake up dude, it's not the 1960's anymore.
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 4 timmar sedan
The Reagan times, when the Koch brothers began their march against America. When they created the Federalist Society, the architects of the current coup.
Krebskolonie 4 timmar sedan
Last word of America.... 5 Sek bevor the Nukes fall. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. THE SHOW MUST GO ON !!!!
Brent Black
Brent Black 4 timmar sedan
I've worked in the rehab side of these settings for years. It will never ever improve in any meaningful way until none of end of life care is for profit and is managed by a single payer healthcare system. Private insurance and overpaid "management" bilk people for every penny and I will live with what I saw during the pandemic for the rest of my life. Because when you run a for profit business in healthcare, the patient becomes a commodity and the humanity of the interaction is lost.
Brandon Lund
Brandon Lund 4 timmar sedan
I hope this comes back up on more feeds for #Activision #Blizzard lawsuits. 2 out already!
annmarieknapp 4 timmar sedan
Our health care system is so broken. It's mortifying and true. I heard it was 1500 for an ambulance ride to our hospital. Awful!
Anthony Balough
Anthony Balough 4 timmar sedan
Yeah you're right, let's put something else in the hands of big government, that will work out well. And yeah people probably shouldn't pay for services received. Ambulances do not need to be paid for calls when they don't transport. Bystanders call 911 for stupid stuff all the time.
Dr. Merle
Dr. Merle 4 timmar sedan
The robocallers think they are insulated from rebukes by having the recording say "press 1 to speak to a representative" or words to that effect. They assume that people annoyed by the call will simply hang up and that only the gullible will actually press 1. Here is a suggestion. ALWAYS press 1 on every such call. When the human answers, shout the most offensive things and be as insulting as your imagination will allow. I suspect that most of the people who get robocalls are annoyed. If everyone who hates getting these calls will simply press 1 then insult the person answering, this may just put a stop to robocalls.
Kf L
Kf L 5 timmar sedan
Ambulances are run by private equities in the US. Let that sink in.
Pat Needham
Pat Needham 5 timmar sedan
Who's here after <insert latest dumb shit Rudy did or said recently>?
Saoirse Donnelly
Saoirse Donnelly 5 timmar sedan
I have epilepsy and have had several grand mal seizures in public. Three times I refused an EMT because it was $3k. The fear of an insanely high ambulance ride persisted through the fog of post-seizure.
Ian Hockabout
Ian Hockabout 5 timmar sedan
Wayne Robison
Wayne Robison 5 timmar sedan
Hmm funny how he fails to discuss that all these land rules and discrimination are done under democrat ruled areas/counties and even states
naitethagr8 4 timmar sedan
in republican states too. Hmm.
Mark Sargent-Bennett
Mark Sargent-Bennett 5 timmar sedan
Joanna Carpenter
Joanna Carpenter 5 timmar sedan
Medicaid provides ambulance care
thuzan117 5 timmar sedan
I feel like John should end every episode "So what are you going to do Joe?"
Mark Sargent-Bennett
Mark Sargent-Bennett 5 timmar sedan
Jeremy Reagan
Jeremy Reagan 5 timmar sedan
I like that lady with the guitar she is really off key!
João Sallaberry
João Sallaberry 5 timmar sedan
Millennium Falcon
Millennium Falcon 5 timmar sedan
Why are you gae?
Cliff MacDonald
Cliff MacDonald 5 timmar sedan
The only conspiracy I believe is that Epstein didn't kill himself.
Abdulmajid Ahmed
Abdulmajid Ahmed 5 timmar sedan
This man doesn't miss
Katie G
Katie G 5 timmar sedan
They have also been observed having gay sex between two different kinds of octopuses, with the smaller one topping and both clearly knowing what they were doing.
Warren Davis
Warren Davis 5 timmar sedan
Trump never drained the swamp because he was too busy turning it into his personal toilet.
Ken Jay
Ken Jay 5 timmar sedan
This should a multi-part series of how Americans get screwed over. Either it's healthcare, student loans, housing, drinking water, etc. Think of all John has covered, and there is always more to add to the list.
Chet Web Site
Chet Web Site 5 timmar sedan
USAmerica has the only system among affluent nations that seriously penalizes those who are unfortunate enough to get ill or injured. The Road to a Cure begins with HR1976 - Expanded and Enhanced Medicare for All...
Scott Kaercher
Scott Kaercher 5 timmar sedan
Trump couldn't get up a mountain unless theirs a bigmac at the top. Now we know why trump likes that construction guy.
Shoot true
Shoot true 5 timmar sedan
I was steered away from my current neightborhood.
Pvt Read
Pvt Read 5 timmar sedan
Actually that looks like the current EU prime minister. Odd
Ryan Piercy
Ryan Piercy 5 timmar sedan
dude, I don't think what happened is right by any means but you need to remember, the country itself is basically owed to native Americans as reparations, do you think it is remotely viable to return it to them? We have a history of not paying reparations at all for decades after the fact and when/if they are payed, they are usually insufficient. I think we need to focus on stopping the leak before pumping out the water too. If things are not equal, that needs to be addressed, otherwise it will just continue to happen and no reparations would be sufficient. While we are on the subject of reparations for slavery, I don't think they are a good idea as I don't believe anyone alive even knew a slave personally. In addition, the united states was NOT the sole party responsible for the plight of the Africans who came here as slaves. The unpleasant truth is that many such people were sold by their fellow Africans to slave ships which transported them in awful conditions. Are we going to demand Africa pay reparations for their part? Reparations for things that have actually happened to living people or their children (not grandchildren etc.), I am willing to seriously consider, but reparations for slavery is another matter. I am happy the poor people afflicted by the Tuskegee study finally got reparations in 1974. Given the option, I would also compensate their families who had syphilis simply because of the possibility that is where it cam from. That doesn't mean we should have to make a new round of reparations with every generation, it is highly treatable now so anyone not a child, spouse of child, or grandchild probably shouldn't have it from the abomination of a study. If after all this time, it is still in a family and passed on at birth, I can only conclude it is because they neglected to have it treated. prove me wrong if I am, but I don't think we should be paying reparations for that indefinitely and similarly, after more than a couple generations, an injustice can not reasonably be fixed by reparations as the injured party is no longer available to receive reparations.
Winged Hussar
Winged Hussar 5 timmar sedan
I know for the fact that my gard grad father was a slave owner he fought for confederacy but he paid the slaves for there work he paid them 3-5€ per hour and no we didnt own cotton farm we had corn and for what ma mama told me our slaves wore not alowed to work on the field until they had build there own house so we owned slaves we paid them and we basiclly forcec them to build there own house and i hope this little story tells you that not all slave owners wore bad
The Jeremy Shaver
The Jeremy Shaver 6 timmar sedan
I hasve been under guardianship for 7 years now @ 32 years old now. currently im trying to dig myself out of
Harsh Vardhan Kumar
Harsh Vardhan Kumar 6 timmar sedan
Some paid chinese bots in the comment.
Pvt Read
Pvt Read 6 timmar sedan
WHO TF PUTS A LIT CANDLE IN A CRIB! i mean if you're going to make up a story. Make up something believable Mom saw daughter in crib catching up on he stocks smoking her pipe and realized it was a bit dark. She then asked the kid if she needed a candle. There much better
Don K Stamper
Don K Stamper 6 timmar sedan
So I shared the video a bunch but I don't know who I have to pay to become double black diamond?
Nathaniel Greer
Nathaniel Greer 6 timmar sedan
I worked as an EMT. I was paid $7.50 an hour and worked 24 hours on 48 off then 48 on and 72 off. So the OT sort of made up for the low pay but I didn’t have any kind of benefit package. The weird thing is it is really hard to get a job as an EMT because there are so many people who want to work in the field.
Paul Lovato
Paul Lovato 6 timmar sedan
Frankly, no newscaster from England has the right to give any opinion about what is going on here in America. Are they living here? No they’re not. So they have no reason to give their opinions about what is going on here, let them live here, and become a citizen for a little while, then they can talk. John Oliver, focus on England, your country.
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh 6 timmar sedan
I will never be able to get that siren sound out of my head now :(
Jenova Strife
Jenova Strife 6 timmar sedan
I've known a few people to work EMS every one of them was working on getting out of EMS. No one wanted to stay.
Widdekuu91 6 timmar sedan
16:00 In Dutch, that is the abreviation to kanker. Meaning cancer. If someone says; 'What a kkr-company' they don't like 'em.
cdunlap0008 6 timmar sedan
Fox personalities should be charged with murder for all the misinformation they peddled that caused people to die
Nishant Sharma
Nishant Sharma 6 timmar sedan
Pretty much the script of "Them"